Photographic Portfolio

My laboratory has matured to offer prosthetics outside the scope of just conventional dentures. Although I still fabricate the conventional, I now also offer hybrid “All On” implant retained prosthetics. Dentists and their patients find that the fabrication and esthetic skills Matrix Dental Laboratory has become known for are an ideal compliment for implant hybrid bar treatment. 

Source: Photographic Portfolio

Technology is good, but its not a panacea for lack of formal education. I rely on natures super computer, the brain and embracing a “life long learner” dedication to dental technology. Results my clients and I achieve for the patient speak for themselves.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Just back from spending a week working with Team Solutions Dental Lab and these photos were waiting for me from the week before on a case I had just completed before leaving.
Interdisciplinary communication and the understanding of how its used.
Nothing digital except the camera was used in the fabrication of this removable prosthetic.
Choosing the best products and techniques allows me to offer prosthetics that reflect the investment of time that addresses the nuances of nature.
I rely on skills honed by over 30 years of experience and the clinical skills practiced by dentists that choose to work with me. Amazing things can be achieved with simple tools and the desire to excel.
Make it personal has a double meaning here at Matrix Dental Laboratory and Consulting. I take each case I work on with a personal attention to detail that one would expect from a family member. Because my laboratory relies on quality not quantity I take the time that detail demands. Nothing leaves here that wouldn’t be presentable to one of my own family members.
Your photographic and communication skills allow me to utilize my knowledge base and the time your clinical skills demand to perform at a higher level. The end result are happy patients willing to refer anyone who requires more than just plastic and some teeth. Its about “Imitation of Nature”.
Meeting patient expectations comes from the time invested by the prosthetic team. When many rely on advertising speed of treatment, teams I work with use results, to substantiate the time it takes to produce quality.
I use the best techniques and products available to assure the best longevity of the products I fabricate. I shortcut nowhere in the manufacture of your prosthetic. Science and research dictate my decisions on what products to use, not a manufacturers sponsorship.

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