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Workshop at Pasadena City College

Since 2002 I have been involved in educating and training dental technicians in the specialty area of removable prosthetics. This came about as a result of working in the development and testing of new dental laboratory products with several dental product manufacturers. Working with production, testing and qualifying product efficacy, designing instructions for use, ad photography, editorial placement, and adopting the use of those products into my own laboratory production provided great insight into the value of good technique coupled by great products.

Maine Denturist Association workshop

A formally educated technician, I attended the Triton College dental laboratory program. A year before graduation I began working as an in house technician in a private practice. I was allowed to bring work from outside the practice to build my business, and Matrix Dental Laboratory was born. Those early years of in-house chairside exposure fortified my freshly input education and provided a complete picture of the techno-clinical team concept. It also introduced me to a “patient centered” philosophy which follows me today.

Florida Dental Laboratory Association workshop

Technicians who take my courses and attend my presentations find my outlook realistic and refreshing. They appreciate that although I talk about products manufactured by the venue sponsor my emphasis is primarily on good technique, end results and not a sales presentation.

For those private individual lab and small association venues that hire me independently, I stylize course emphasis for their needs. This means I build a curriculum that maximizes the impact of the course.

Presented the NADL Excellence in Education Award for 2017

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