Naturally Appropriate Esthetics

The look of individuality, of emergence, and dimension, cannot be replicated in mono construction.

Patient was not happy with fit and look of the digitally fabricated denture on left made by another lab, so I was contracted to fabricate a new one employing traditional hand skills and an esthetic eye developed over 34 years as a dental technician.

Added esthetics by using nature as a guide.
Understanding esthetic composition creates the subtly of nature. Comparisons like these illustrate the possibility

At Matrix I rely on my 34 years of experience and the practice of using dental photography to drive the natural esthetics of a case. Long before digital cameras came along I worked with dentists who utilized SLR analog cameras. It was those years without “on the fly” editing as we do with digital that we honed our protocols to make and take the best photos to reveal the deficiencies that were to be corrected without wasting shots that would prove to be worthless once developed.

Some people want nobody to know that they are wearing dentures. Some people want the brightest and straightest teeth regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity. Although I’m happy fabricating those cases, truest talent in my opinion comes from my analyzing a case with my clients and fabricating naturally appropriate esthetics that can give enhancement but remain within the boundaries of nature and its effects.


Thomas Zaleske

Matrix Dental Laboratory and Consulting


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