Robust and Esthetic

I fabricate each case using techniques discarded by laboratories more interested in how many widgets they can produce a day. Your case is fabricated with knowledge and foresight. Long curing of acrylics for maximum molecular weight and long strand polymer chain development for strength. Cast metal reinforcement air abraded and treated with metal bonding primer assures a quality product your practice can confidently stand behind.
Pre-activated attachments for try-in evaluation assure a smooth delivery appointment.
Subtle colorization provides subliminal acceptance for your patient. If it looks natural patients tend to feel more confident about their restoration.
I address functional comfort as well as esthetic. Here is an example of how I address patient comfort by providing the thinnest appliance possible without compromising strength.
It takes a bit longer but clients appreciate the consistent product I fabricate.
Understanding what nature looks like, aids in preventing artistic embellishment.

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