Legacy Dental Laboratory Skills Specialist / Lab Consultant

When others are looking to do it faster, I continue to do it better.

I’m not bragging it’s just a fact, that what I am able to produce is tractable with photographic evidence that spans over the course of a career that in many cases is older than the dental technicians and dental labs in the market today.

During my 37-year journey as a dental technician, the constant, is the active pursuit of fabricating quality prosthetics. Equipped with a formal dental laboratory education, a lifelong learner mindset, and 8 years of clinical chairside patient exposure to provide me with a unique insight into what defines a successful prosthetic delivery.

This case is an upper (maxillary) implant supported bar, and a lower (mandibular) conventional overdenture using the remaining canine roots with attachments incorporated to provide a snap fit foundation.

These are the ball attachments incorporated in the roots of the canines which will act as an anchor to stabilize the lower denture.

For patients, labs or dentists seeking more information.

Contact: zaleske@gmail.com

Ph: 630.531.8197

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