The strength in using a formally educated dental laboratory.

Many (most) times, patients just dont want to surrender teeth regardless of how compromised they are. In cases where some dentition is still viable and a partial denture is prescribed and I see root exposure or other visual indications, I can recommend a processed acrylic tooth colored window with frame mesh to accomodate future tooth loss. I use tooth colored resin to prevent acrylic from being too obvious. It makes additions a snap without welding.
How many off the street digital designers can bring these kinds of options to the table?
This is why I offer valuable consulting services to laboratories who lack the knowledge base provided by over 30 years’ experience and that a formal education background in dental technology can provide.
My dentist clients also appreciate my position as a technical entity that actually analyses cases that arrive at the door and provides continuous input on options.

Chrome partial with an acrylic window incorporated.

Matrix Dental Laboratory and Consulting

Thomas Zaleske 630-531-8197 /

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