Going All the Way Because you Deserve It!

In an era of commoditized dental prosthetics, there still are us that know that the attention to detail using conventional skills, personalizes our work beyond what is capable with digital means. Thats because we never accepted short-cuts as a means to produce more work, faster.

A wax try-in for approval, which contains the actual teeth you will be receiving in the final denture. The contours in the wax are also identical to what you approve at this appointment.
Non-toxic properties of crayons make it an ideal media to colorize wax. Although it‘s not exactly the same color as your final prosthetic it will provide a reasonable indication of what you can expect.

I also provide my clients with acrylic shade tabs to as closely match to your tissue when you have an expectation that is higher than most.

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Matrix Dental Laboratory and Consulting



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