Hybrids: An Analogue Approach

Presentation at LMT Chicago 2023 Friday February 24 @ 2:00PM

F/ “All On” Hybrid Implant, /F Locator overdenture

Much is being said concerning digital fabrication of hybrid restorations. The fact is analogue construction still presents itself as a viable robust, esthetic and repairable option to construct these types of appliances. Regardless of fabrication mode, prosthetic volume, design parameters, overlay considerations and techniques remain constant. For 20 years I have been offering these types of restorations with great success because of the protocols put in place to avoid the fabrication pitfalls many labs encounter due to short-cuts in design, techniques and materials.

Lecture will include but not limited to:

Setting, maintaining and repeating tooth positions during transfer.

Bar preparation in regard to, form, opacity, and the use of GC bonding and opaque products.

Processing techniques specific to pack pressing using GC Naturecryl SHI.

Processing techniques to maximize polymer properties.

Colorization techniques both intrinsically Internally and veneered in GC Gradia/GradiaPlus composite.

Finishing techniques of resin and composite.

Lustre Paint and Optiglaze application to enhance coloring.

Thomas Zaleske has been a dental technician and laboratory owner for 37 years. Technical

educator for 21 years. His clientele base is nationally based.

For more info: zaleske.com


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