Knowledge, not sophisticated tools make the difference.

Patients seeking full denture treatment need to understand, it’s not the sophistication of the tools that makes the difference between success and failure in conventional denture and hybrid implant bar denture esthetics and function, but in the knowledge base of the technician and clinical team.

Digital is a buzz word to incite anticipation in the public of something better, but in dentistry, the lack of formally educated technicians can’t be compensated with technology. A rendering on a monitor cannot discern esthetics of an actual physical try-in which addresses facial musculatures support and the way those muscles will react when something is placed in opposition and are asked to function in regard to speech, and facial expression.

Only a combination of formal education, clinical exposure and years of experience can produce consistent reproduceable results.

Getting something faster doesn’t always equate to better. It just means faster.

If you’re a patient seeking the kind of work, you see on my many pages, contact me for a dentist I may work with in your area, or direct your dentist to me.

Matrix Dental Laboratory and Consulting 630 531 8197

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