LMT Chicago 2022

After a 1-year hiatus from conventions I am back in the saddle again for my 20th presentation at LMT Chicago.

I have selected a series of topics and will share how I approach fabrication situations and challenges in my 36th year as a 1-man dental laboratory. The presentation is mostly on analogue techniques, but many are applicable to those who prefer to digitally fabricate.

As many know my content is presented in a digestible, non-sales approach. I feel the best way to provide information is by example, so I have plenty of slides to illustrate my approach.

I hope people will join me for a break from the “I have a machine to sell you and here is how it works” blabbering that seems to be the theme the last few years at these shows.

We will talk a bit about marketing, fabrication, and approaches to situations I have found to be helpful in establishing and maintaining a profitable, quality orientated, removable dental laboratory without compromising my analogue skill sets which I have honed over the years.

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